Life at A.E. Smith

We believe in People

Behind A.E. Smith’s many achievements are our talented, passionate and determined people. They do their best for us.

Our fast-paced, inclusive and exciting company culture attracts passionate, visionary thinkers and team players. Our management nurtures talented people, helping them grow with the organisation through a clear, targeted career advancement plan.

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Grow with A.E. Smith

Training for Success

We offer a number of programmes to help staff members’ career and personal development. One of these is the Talent Acceleration Programme (TAP). Developed by the Pico Group, TAP is a customised and intensive two-week course which has been upgrading the skills of young and talented managers for more than 30 years. Fast-paced and interactive, TAP is run by university professors and internal and external trainers, and covers project management, customer relationship management, leadership and creative sales techniques.

Your Performance, Your Rewards

A.E. Smith rewards performance by measuring individual achievement across four parameters: customers, internal business process, learning and growth and financial.

We also identify and nurture high-potential employees and provide numerous exciting opportunities for career development.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A.E. Smith fully supports Pico Global Care in Action – the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, involving staff members from all around the world.

Pico Global Care in Action activities range from the simple and individual to Group-wide and multinational. They include engaging in charity and sponsorships, donating time and money for causes ranging from environmental to disaster relief to improving health and education for communities in need.

In just one example, in November 2016, A.E. Smith staff members took to the streets for the Charity Walk for a Million, raising RMB100,000 as a result of their efforts. This event is just one of many ways A.E. Smith continues to help improve lives today and tomorrow. The effort improves Pico too, because we find that engagement in community work is a powerful way for our people to build new skills, engage with more people, share knowledge, and most of all, actually see the positive impact their actions can make.


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